Candle Making – Blog 1

Candle Making – Blog 1

So this is the first blog on my candle making journey and whilst I would normally begin at the start I am going to jump straight into what I am going to call chapter 2 and will return to tell you about the beginning another day.  The reason for jumping straight into chapter 2 is because in chapter 2 I connected with a lovely lady called Michelle Smit.  Michelle embarked on her candle making journey last year and is now building up her little business selling her beautiful candles.  Michelle like me created her business name from people who meant a great deal to her; her mother and grandmother.  Her business name is Maggie Grace.  So why am I deciding to introduce Michelle today, well Maggie (Michelle’s mum) would have been 77 today.  She sadly passed 4 years ago on 11th March which was Mother’s Day that year.  So how have I become acquainted with Michelle? Well in embarking on my candle making journey I started researching it and joined various candle making Facebook forums.  I put a post out on one of them and she was the only one who commented with the advice and support I was asking about.  Not only that, she then followed this up by messaging me direct and has since continued to invested so much time in answering my copious questions, sharing lots of tips from her steep learning curve which has saved me a lot of time and money in not making the same mistakes.  She even bundled me up a range of her melts and candles and posted them to me at a significant cost to her small business.   She didn’t have to do any of this, but I am so grateful she did as it is allowing me to progress at a quicker pace in launching my candle range.  There is a lot involved in candles (more that I had anticipated) and with this in mind, and all the testing that is prudent to do, I probably wouldn’t have been ready to launch until autumn with a Christmas range.  Thanks to Michelle I am hoping to have a small range tested sufficiently enough to send some samples out to some amazing mothers I know for mother’s day.  I won’t have any of my own candles to sell for mother’s day so I am promoting Michelle’s candles for sale through Isary as I way of supporting her business like she has unreservedly supported mine. 

I have had the Limited Company that Isary trades under for a good few years now and in every venture I have embraced woman coming together and supporting each other.  This has at times been scorned at by some who think such a collaborative approach will impact on your success in such a competitive world.  If this is the case, then the business world is not for me.  However, I have worked with some amazingly talented likeminded woman who like me are mothers and want to build something that works alongside their families.  So, no I haven’t made a fortune over the years so maybe my critics are right but the riches I have in making connections with the likes of Michelle is worth any profit margin and I am truly thankful for all those other little businesses who I have worked alongside over the years.  Whether Isary will stay small or grow, who knows, but I know one thing to be true my ethos of supporting other woman and their small businesses as together we navigate motherhood and the world of work will remain consistent.

Maggie Grace candles will be added to our website to buy in the next couple of days or you can order direct from the lovely Michelle herself.

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