Candle making journey – Blog 2

Candle making journey – Blog 2

So yesterday I introduced the amazing Michelle as part of my candle journey.  Today I would like to introduce another incredible lady called Sam.  Sam appears at the beginning so I will call this chapter 1 of my journey.  (make sure you read yesterdays blog for chapter 2 – back to front I know).  So Isary was created probable around this time last year.  As mentioned yesterday I have had my Limited Company for some years now and have had various businesses running under its umbrella.  One of those business has been a childcare business.  Again, like I mentioned yesterday, within this business I have met some amazing woman which I am sure will form part of my candle making journey as the connections made remain, and as their businesses evolve and we actively look at ways to support one another in new ventures.  Any way back to Sam.  So, over the years of having a childcare business I have cared for some amazing children with such appreciative parents.  I received a hamper as a token of such appreciation off one of my families and in it there was a card with the words “A sweet friendship refreshes the soul – Proverbs 27:9” written on it.  For those who have followed me for a while you will know my faith is very important to me, so this card really connected to me.  I contacted the maker of the hamper enquiring about the wording on the card and as discussion developed. We established, that she like me, is a Christian and bizarrely she went the same church we had recently moved to.  Our working relationship has since developed as has more importantly a grounded friendship.  Like Michelle from yesterday, Sam has done so much to support me in my new business venture.  She has promoted me many times on her own business social media, she has bought products from me, and she has come up with ideas of how my products can be used in her hampers to help with my sales and exposure.  At Christmas, Isary bought sublimation equipment and started exploring the option of creating personalised product.  Sam approached me with a request to create some bespoke mugs for her business.  These have been a great success.  She then came up with the idea of me researching creating some personalised vessels for her to then get someone to make into candles to accompany the mug range we had established.  This idea struck a chord with me and I wondered about me also doing the candle bit and offering her the completed product.  This idea then evolved and here I am now on the verge of launching Isary’ s own candle range.  I believe there is real power in networking and having supportive conversations with other businesses and this is testament to it. 

Sam’s hamper business is @whickhamcottagecrafts.  She like me is a mum running her own little business.  Her hampers are created to meet your bespoke needs and your individual budget.  She has a great reputation for really caring about her customers, taking great pride in what she does, with a genuine eagerness to provide the best quality product she can especially for you.  If you’re a mum with a dream I encourage you to follow it and in the meantime wherever you are in this crazy journey of life please take the time to support these amazing woman even if it is just interacting with their social media pages, it all helps. 

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March 4, 202211:15 am

Aww thats so lovely of you margot ❤️ I love your product range its so Different And fiTs My home perfectly

You are an amazing woman of faith and i believe that god brought us together for a reason which he obViOusly knows all about !!

As for workinG with you i think we make a great team and your Products compliment my hamPers perFectly

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