Candle Making journey – Blog 3

Candle Making journey – Blog 3

So here we are again chapter 3 in my candle making journey.  I am going to introduce you to another amazing woman and her business today, Lisa Kenny of Mamma Jack.  Like Michelle and I in chapter 1, she has named her business after someone very special to her; her mother.  Let me tell you about Lisa’s mother before I introduce her in to how she fits in to my candle making journey.  Lisa’s mum adored flowers, she always had huge hanging baskets all around her home and garden.  It was Lisa’s stepdad, Lenny, who tended to them but it was her mum who was the inspiration.   Their garden just bloomed with colour, life, and wonderful smells. Lisa’s mum loved all things bright and beautiful and especially loved crafting, making, creating, and expressing herself. She would spend hours and hours pouring her heart and soul into creating greeting cards, jams and cakes for family and friends to enjoy.

In March 2013 Lisa’s mum was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and given the devastating prognosis of only ten months to live.  Lisa says she has been on a rollercoaster of emotions since that day but has learnt a lot along the way. She says she has learnt that when your world is turning at a thousand miles an hour, taking 5 minutes to do something you love can be the difference between getting through the day.  She has learnt that something as simple as a picture of a flower taken on a smart phone can give a person in great pain the will to continue even when the future promises to be more difficult than the present.

When Lisa’s mam was in hospital, photos of her garden shown to her, or the scent of an unlit candle brought into her hospital room often helped her in the dark times.  Lisa is proud that her amazing mum, Jacqueline Pamela Bunting stood in defiance of the terrible prognosis and fought the disease for almost 2 years, sadly passing away in the early hours of Monday 2nd November 2015. But before she left, she taught Lisa one more valuable lesson, that inspiration is everything.  Lisa’s mum was affectionately known by all those who loved her as Mamma Jack and hence the name for Lisa’s little business was born with the name mamma jack.  Lisa like her mum has a passion for making beautiful things and this is part of what mamma jack is.  However, there is another side to mamma jack and that is Lisa’s desire to inspire others and inject her love for crafting into training others so they can develop their skills and enjoy the many benefits linked to undertaking crafting activities.  This resonates with me as I am from a training background and part of my vision for Isary is to develop classes in handmade crafts.  So instead of setting up in competition, Lisa and I are coming together to unite our skill and knowledge and support each other’s businesses to be the best we can be and offer the best we can for our customers.  This is the start of our journey and who knows where it will take us.  You never know you may be reading a blog around our crafting classes very soon.  In the meanwhile, I will be adding some of the amazing products mamma jack creates through Isary and we hope to be adding events and classes real soon.

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